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Cleaning services in Abu Dhabi

With its technologically advanced, purpose-built fleet and well-trained workforce, Benzer fight 24/7 to retain the city of Abu Dhabi clean and neat. Benzer provides mechanical and manual sweeping/cleaning services for highways, streets, beaches, and other public places. In addition to this, we extend our service wing to Door to Door waste collection services in the residential area. Our well-trained cleaning service wing is a pioneer in, Residential and Municipal cleaning service in Abu Dhabi.

Besides the public cleaning services, we provide our services to clients across different sectors on need basis in a customized manner. We can take care of Liquid wastes, Solid wastes, Hazardous and Non-hazardous wastes, and their safe transportation and disposal as well.

Services offered:
  • Manual cleaning
  • Liquid waste collection
  • Street sweeping
  • General waste collection
  • Mechanical cleaning
  • Medical waste collection
  • Recyclables collection
  • Big containers hire
  • Skip hire
  • Bin washing