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We have expertise in Solid waste collection, Liquid waste Collection Disposal, Recycling Services, and Cleaning services. Hazardous and Non-hazardous waste treatment services are Benzer ‘s other area of excellence. With Special equipment and dedicated technical staff, we can guarantee the safe transportation and disposal of hazardous wastes, including industrial and chemical waste.

Our fleet of waste transportation vehicles, equipment, and modern technology-driven waste management approach always ensure the safety of individual as well the environment. Our diverse cleaning fleet includes compactors, hook loaders, skip loaders and other sophisticated equipment, which are deployed on diverse locations on need-based mode.

"March Towards Environmental Sustainability in UAE" – Benzer’s motto is the driving force behind every action we take. As a responsible team, we are committed to deploying excellent waste management solutions in all our projects. As part of our extended responsibility we also strive to create awareness among society about the 4R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recovery) of waste management.

Find out how Benzer is protecting the environment of Abu Dhabi.

Benzer Environmental Services is not just a waste management company; apart from our regular services we have been actively contributing towards different environmental conservation movement in the state of Abu Dhabi. Here you can read more about team Benzer's recent initiatives and collaborations towards the goal of Greener Abu Dhabi.

Why Benzer environmental ?

"Here is Why Benzer Waste Management solution is popular in Abu Dhabi"

Specialist in all kind of
wastage treatment

Both hazardous and nonhazardous waste in solid as well as the liquid type is separately managed, transported and disposed.

EAD Guideline

Strict adherence to EAD (Environmental Agency Abu Dhabi) guidelines and Municipal rules and regulations.


Benzers waste management services are affordable and cost-effective for all kind of stakeholders.

Well Trained staff

Each kind of work is done by our highly trained workforce in the respective field with acute dedication and perfection.

Full-fledged fleet of
vehicle and equipment

With our fleet of transportation vehicles and sophisticated equipment, we are equipped to face any circumstantial needs.

State of the art technology.

Latest technology is being incorporated periodically to ensure the safety of the environment as well as the people.