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Time Bound removal of all kind of solid wastes

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Solid wastes are one of the greatest menaces in cities and residential area. If properly managed and treated, the same can become a valuable treasure also.

Benzer undertakes the tasks of collecting, segregating, transporting and safe disposal of all kind of solid wastes. Both hazardous and Non- Hazardous solid wastes are separately transported and disposed with the help of our specially trained staff and purpose-built vehicles.

Apart from our routine collection services, Benzer is capable of deploying our task force in an on-demand basis across Abu Dhabi. Demolition debris and construction waste, recyclable and nonrecyclable wastes, Biodegradable and nonbiodegradable waste etc. are collected and disposed in a time bound manner by the cleaning task force of team Benzer.

Benzer has pledged to fight against any kind of waste and you can contact us for any kind of solid waste removal services in Abu Dhabi.